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Sanukimannopark is Shikoku’s only state-run park with total area of 3.5㎢ and is a park filled with seasonally blooming flowers. Visitors enjoy beautiful landscapes decorated with plants like narcissus, tulips, and Nemophilas in the spring, and hydrangeas and sunflowers in the summer. In the fall, kochia (bassia scoparia) leaves turn red colors and cosmos flowers bloom.
The park also has many facilities for visitors to enjoy, where they can spend their entire day, including a large grass area, playground equipment that children love, cycling courses, and the largest RV campground in Shikoku.

Annual events and flowers

*The timing of the flowers’ blooming may shift depending on weather and other conditions. There may also be some changes in the species and number of flowers depending on the year.


Haru Ranman Festalate March - early May

Haru Ranman Festa

Enjoy a relay of bright and colorful spring flowers coming into bloom. At various parts of the park, flowers such as Narcissus (about 70 species, 180,000 plants), tulips (about 32 species, 40,000 plants), and Nemophilas (about 550,000 plants) will come in bloom one after another, as if one is handing over a baton to the next. Other flowers such as cherry blossoms, and Bearded Irises will also be coming into bloom during this season.

  • Narcissus (early March – early April)Narcissus (mid March – late March)
  • Cherry blossoms (late March – early April)Cherry blossoms (mid March – early April)
  • Tulips (mid-April – late April)Tulips (early April)
  • Nemophilas (late April – early May)Nemophilas (Mid April)
  • Rhododendron Weyrichii (mid-April - early May)Rhododendron Weyrichii (mid-April - early May)
  • Bearded Irises (early - late May)Bearded Irises (early May - mid May)


Ajisai Festamid-June - late June

Ajisai Festa

In the Hydrangea Garden, a wooden bridge crosses the edge of the Hiryū Pond, and about 40 hydrangea species totaling 200,000 plants will come into bloom. The Japan-native hydrangeas flower during tsuyu (rainy season) and look beautiful in the rain. During the festival, rent a Japanese style umbrella (free of charge) and experience the feel of a very Japanese setting.

  • Hydrangeas (mid-June – early July)Hydrangeas (early-June – late June)
  • Japanese umbrella rental (mid-June – early July)Japanese umbrella rental (early-June – late June)

Summer Festalate July - late August

Summer Festa

In the summertime, enjoy sunflowers (about 8 species 8,500 plants) and green bassia scoparia (about 6,000 plants) with their soft, gently swaying leaves. You will hear happy squeals of children fully enjoying their summer vacation coming from the water playground and “kabuto-mushi (unicorn beetle) land.”

  • Bassia scoparia (late July – late August)Bassia scoparia (mid July – late August)
  • Sunflowers (late July – early August)Sunflowers (mid July – late July)
  • Water playground (spring – fall)Water playground
  • kabuto-mushi (unicorn beetle) landkabuto-mushi (unicorn beetle) land


Aki Irodori Festamid-September - early November

Aki Irodori Festa

In the fall, plants like the cosmos (about 6 species, 300,000 plants) and bassia scoparia (about 6,000 plants) that have turned colors will color the park in autumn hues. As cosmos bloom at different times depending on the species and the bassia scoparia turn from green to radiant red to light brown, visitors will view a rich variety of hues in the vegetation during this season.

  • Sulfur cosmos (mid-September – late September)Sulfur cosmos (mid-September – early October)
  • Cosmos (late September – mid-October)Cosmos (mid September – late-October)
  • Bassia scoparia (red) (late September – late October)Bassia scoparia (red)
  • Bassia scoparia (light brown) (late October – early November)Bassia scoparia (light brown)
    (late October)


Winter Fantasylate November - early January

Winter Fantasy

For this event, park hours will be extended to stay open till the night time, and the grounds will be decorated with colorful illuminations. With the large-scale grand illumination that covers an area of about 32,000㎡, as well as the lighting up of the Shoryu Waterfall and a champagne glass tower, the entire park will transform into a fantastical world of lights.

  • Champagne glass towerChampagne glass tower
  • Grand illuminationShoryu Waterfall

Sosyun Festamid-February - early March

Sosyun Festa

Plants like the Christmas roses (about 3,000 plants), Brassica rapa (about 80,000 plants), Japanese Narcissus (Narcissus tazetta, about 25,000 plants), and Japanese plum trees (about 120 plants) will gradually start to bloom as if to announce the arrival of spring.

  • Early-blooming Brassica rapa (mid-February – early April)Plum Blossoms
    (early-February – late-March)
  • Christmas roses (mid-February – mid-April)Christmas roses
    (mid-February – mid April)



Vista of Sanuki Mountains

Park open Hours

Period open Hours
March 1 to July 19 9:30 - 17:00
July 20 to August 31 9:30 - 18:00
September 1 to October 31 9:30 - 17:00
November 1 to End of February 9:30 - 16:30

Closed Days

※No closed days during the following periods:

*The park may be temporarily closed in extreme weather conditions, when warnings such as “flood” or “storm” are issued in Manno-cho.

Park Entrance Fees

  Individual Visitor Group Member 2Days Pass Ticket Annual Passport

(15years and over)

\450 \290 \500 \4,500
(65years and over)
\210 \210 \250 \2,100
(Junior high school
students and under)
Free Free

Parking Fees

Car model Fees
Normal Car \320
Large Size Vehicle \1,050
Motorcycle \100

Bicycle Rental Fees

Fees Base rate Additional Charge
Adults(15years and over) \300 for 2 hr. \100 for every 30 min.
(Junior high school students and under)
\100 for 2 hr. \30 for every 30 min.
Electric Bicycle(26inch) \600 for 2 hr. \200 for every 30 min.

cycling centerOn the east of Shoryu Waterfall is cycling center with 520 bicycles available for rent.

Access to Park


4243-12 Yoshino, Manno-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa-ken 766-0023 Japan

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Map of entire park/Guide map

Map of entire park/guide map

Shoryu Waterfall

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